Environmental Learning Pathways

One way SEEC is working to achieve our mission of promoting environmental literacy is through creation of the Environmental Learning Pathway Program.

An environmental learning pathway is a set of environmental education experiences that connect knowledge and skills over time, providing participants with connected, coherent, program offerings. It involves coordination and planning by multiple environmental education program providers, as well as formal classroom teachers.  We are currently piloting environmental learning pathways in four Sonoma County schools. Our pilot process is a school-wide initiative, which requires a three-year commitment from both the school and our SEEC providers to ensure continuity.

Schools participating in the Environmental Learning Pathway pilot program will be leaders on the cutting edge of science learning. This program aims to effectively address school and county learning goals including the new California Next Generation Science Standards Framework, which is due out in 2016 and emphasizes environmental literacy. Schools participating in our pilot program will benefit from priority placement in SEEC programs, professional development offerings, and ongoing support from SEEC providers.

SEEC’s Environmental Learning Pathway Program is informed by the critical work of ChangeScale. We are active participants in their Bay Area wide community of practice which brings over 40 environmental education leaders form our region together to develop strategies, share challenges and best practices, and to learn from one another.

For a list of programs available to pre-K through grade 12 classrooms throughout Sonoma County click here. Programs are organized by grade level.

For more information about our Environmental Learning Pathway Program contact us at info@sonomacountyee.org.